Role Mamas


Role mamas

We’ve talked to some of our favorite Black women about how they became mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, corporate ladder sprinters, and more.

Photo credit: J. Quazi King for mater mea

Photo credit: J. Quazi King for mater mea

Jamilah lemieux

As one of the Internet’s fiercest and most-heard voices on today’s cultural issues, Jamilah Lemieux has made fans and detractors alike thanks to her no-holds barred insights on racism, gender, and class as Ebony’s digital news and lifestyle editor. Lemieux shared the details of her tough, but rewarding, pregnancy with mater mea, and explains how she plans on raising her daughter, Naima Freedom, to be just as fierce and empowered as her mother. (Read her story here)


Nana eyeson-akiwowo

A first-generation daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo was raised with a deep sense of responsibility toward her community, a tradition she and her husband want to pass on to their daughter, Omolara.  She explains how her passion to help her community led her to a life-changing career move that’s an example for her daughter. (Read her story)


crystal black davis

Questions, questions, questions—life is full of them, no? But for the career-focused women nearing a certain baby-bearing age, there only seems to be on: When are you going to have a baby? Crystal Black Davis was decidedly in the "never" camp when it came to that question. She tells mater mea how an unexpected blessing changed her mind... and her life. (Read her story)